NRA 2600 Club Pen Set

The 2600 Club

Until a short time prior to World War II, there was no standard aggregate which the majority of pistol tournaments programmed. As the pistol sport grew in popularity, however, and more and more shooters took to firing all 3 types of matches — .22 cal, any center-fire, and .45 cal. — a standard developed. Now outdoor tournaments make every effort to program the same matches, 20 shots slow-fire, 20 timed-fired, 20 rapid-fire, and the National Match Course with each type arm. Thus, the aggregate consists of a possible 2700-point score.

It soon became the goal of pistol shooters to equal or exceed a score of 2600 in this 3-gun aggregate. The National Pistol Championship has had only 8 such scores fired in it. Only one woman shooter has shot this score in an NRA-registered or approved tournament. These few facts show what an achievement the making of such a score is, even to the topmost Masters.

To the date this is written only 49 names are on the 2600 Club roster.

No formal club has ever been formed of this group, although it is frequently referred to as such. But some time ago the people at NRA Headquarters came to the conclusion that such an exclusive group as only 48 living members out of the thousands who today shoot in pistol tournaments should receive special recognition. With this in mind, the plastic-base pen set illustrated was developed, with the NRA seal and the numerals 2600 embedded in the base. The owner's name is engraved on a contrasting color plastic panel. One of these sets has been mailed to each person who has achieved membership in the 2600 Club, names below.

Harry E. Aitken, U.S. Border Patrol (1958)
Richard C. Amundsen, Roy, Wash. (1958)
Mrs. Gertrude E. Backstrom, Hoquiam, Wash. (1957)
Thurman E. Barrier, USMC (1950)
Hugo M. Barsocci, USA (1957)
Huelet L. Benner, USA (1947)
Raymond H. Berlo, Boston, Mass., Police (1955)
William B. Blankenship, Jr., USA (1956)
David Cartes, USA (1956)
James E. Clark, Shreveport, La. (1950)
Benjamin C. Curtis, USA (1956)
Winston A. Dahl, USA (1958)
Gasper P. DeFino, USN (1957)
Rail C. Denison, Whittier, Calif. (1958)
Earl Farrant, Los Angeles, Calif., Police (1950)
Frederick W. Filkins, USMC (1955)
Buck Fisher, Santa Barbara, Calif. (1957)
Fred A. Grant, USA (1958)
William E. Guiette, San Diego, Calif., Police (19??)
William A. Hancock, USA (1956)
Elmer W. Hilden, U.S. Border Patrol (1956)
Lloyd C. Hummert, USA (1956)
John W. Hurst, Los Angeles, Calif., Police (1953)
James T. Hurt, Detroit, Mich., Police (1957)
Robert O. Jones, USMC (1958)
William C. Joyner, U.S. Border Patrol (1958)
John L. Keyser, USAF (1958)
James W. Kurtz, USA (1958)
William W. McMillan, USMC (1954)
William H. Mellon, USAF (1958)
David C. Miller, USA (1956)
Thomas R. Mitchell, USMC (1954)
Presley A. O'Gren, U.S. Border Patrol (1956)
Jewell C. Palmer, USMC (1958)
Offutt Pinion, USN (1957)
Roy Ratliff, USA (1958)
Harry W. Reeves, Detroit, Mich., Police (1940) *1st Member
Leonard M. Rizzola, USN (1951)
Bart E. Schmitt, Jr., Springfield, Ill. (1957)
Paul J. Shank, Jr., USMC (1958)
Thomas J. Sharpe, USA (1954)
Aubrey E. Smith, USA (1958)
Richard M. Stineman, USA (1958)
Roy L. Sutherland, USA (1957)
Donald D. Thorne, USMC (1958)
William T. Toney, Jr., U.S. Border Patrol (1952)
Walter R. Walsh, USMC (1953)
Steven G. Webber, U.S. Border Patrol (1957)
Joseph C. White, Jr., U.S. Border Patrol (1955)

As new names are added to the 'club roster,' pen sets will be awarded.

No comparable club for either smallbore or highpower rifle has been organized.

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American Rifleman, Vol. 107, No. 1, January, 1959

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