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The McMillan Trophy is awarded annually to the Marine, Regular or Reserve, who attains the highest service pistol aggregate score (Slow, Timed and Rapid Fire) in the National Trophy Individual Pistol and Team Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio.

The trophy was presented to the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice (NBPRP) by the U.S. Marine Corps in 1978 and is the counterpart to the General Shepherd Trophy for service rifle accomplishment.

This trophy honors Bill for his personal achievements in competitive shooting with the Marine Corps for over 20 years.

Norman Hines is the sculptor of the McMillan Trophy.

Photo courtesy of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Pistol National Match Course
Caliber .45 M1911/A1 or 9mm M9/A1
Stage Distance Type of Fire Firing Position Number of Shots Time Limit Scoring
First 50 yards Slow Standing 1 series of 10 shots 10 min. per series After 10 shots
Second 25 yards Timed Standing 2 series of 5 shots 20 sec. per series After 10 shots
Third 25 yards Rapid Standing 2 series of 5 shots 10 sec. per series After 10 shots

(Source: CMP Competition Rules For Service Rifle & Service Pistol, 17th Edition, 2013, Rule 7.3.1)


“ THE McMILLAN TROPHY for High Pistol Aggregate NTI and NTT Matches”


Photo taken at the 1961 Eastern Division Matches
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina


HQMC establishes shooting trophy

WASHINGTON (MC News) - A new national pistol shooting trophy for Marines has been established by Headquarters Marine Corps.

The "McMillan Trophy" will be awarded annually to the Marine, regular or reserve, who attains the highest aggregate score in the National Individual Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

The trophy's namesake, Lieutenant Colonel William W. McMillan, USMC (Ret.), had one of the most successful shooting records of any Marine throughout the Corps' history.

H was stationed here for a number of years before his retirement and worked with the 1st Marine Division's Marksmanship Training Unit.

A month the more significant of his accomplishments was his participation in four Pan American Games, six World Shooting Championship Matches and membership on six Olympic Shooting teams.

He is a two-time National Individual Pistol Champion and winner of the National Pistol Championship. The highlight of his competitive shooting career was the winning of a gold medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

During his tour of duty at Camp Pendleton, LtCol. McMillan served on numerous occasions as officer-in-charge of the Annual Western Division Matches held here each spring.

The former Marine, who retired in 1974 and currently resides in San Diego, Calif., still participates in marksmanship competition at national and international matches.

Camp Pendleton shooters are still benefiting from his thoughtful instruction. As recent as last spring LtCol. McMillan returned to a Western Division Matches "snapping in" session to teach a class on "mental concentration" for the "Dingers."

"Competing against the records of past Marine 'sharpshooters' and knowing the goals they achieved are within your grasp, makes competition very motivating," remarked a Marine who is currently preparing for this year's Western Division Matches, April 9 - May 4.

The McMillan Trophy will recognize the finest pistol shot in the Corps and is the counterpart of the General Shepherd Trophy for service rifle accomplishment.

Marine Corps News

Winners of The McMillan Trophy
Year Individual Slow Fire Timed Fire Rapid Fire Score
1978 GySgt. Steve E. Edmiston, USMC - - - 573-20X
1979 SSgt. David L. Bailey, USMC - - - 568-21X
1980 SSgt. Ronald Zalewski, USMCR - - - 575-16X
1981 SSgt. David L. Bailey, USMC - - - 564-14X
1982 SSgt. Douglas Van Dyke, USMC - - - 573-22X
1983 Sgt. James E. Ferguson, USMC - - - 558-11X
1984 Sgt. Jack D. Caseman, USMC - - - 573-19X
1985 SSgt. Sherman E. Pitts, USMCR - - - 571-13X
1986 Sgt. Mitchell R. Reed, USMC - - - 567-18X
1987 MSgt. Ricardo Rodriguez, USMC - - - 566-16X
1988 Sgt. Mitchell R. Reed, USMC - - - 577-19X
1989 MSgt. Ricardo Rodriguez, USMC - - - 578-20X
1990 SSgt. Mitchell R. Reed, USMC - - - 575-20X
1991 Capt. Mark J. Willis, USMC - - - 569-16X
1992 GySgt. Mitchell R. Reed, USMC - - - 580-15X
1993 Sgt. Brian H. Zins, USMC - - - 572-20X
1994 CWO3 Paul Malsbury, USMC - - - 570-23X
1995 MSgt. Robert Parker, USMC - - - 569-22X
1996 Sgt. Jason Meidinger, USMC - - - 568-12X
1997 Sgt. Jason Meidinger, USMC - - - 564-20X
1998 MSgt. Lee Pipkin, USMC - - - 562-17X
1999 SSgt. Robert Imm, USMC - - - 557-15X
2000 Sgt. Keith Sanderson, USMC - - - 568-18X
2001 Cpl. Robert S. Park, II, USMC - - - 569-21X
2002 GySgt. Brian H. Zins, USMC - - - 570-23X
2003 Sgt. Robert Park, USMC 188-5X 191-9X 194-7X 573-21X
2004 Cpl. Kevin Moore, USMC 180-4X 195-10X 192-6X 567-20X
2005 GySgt. Richard Gray, USMC 188-2X 195-8X 185-5X 568-15X
2006 GySgt. Brian H. Zins, USMC 189-7X 195-8X 189-5X 573-20X
2007 *GySgt. Brian H. Zins, USMC 190-5X 198-9X 197-5X 585-19X
2008 Cpl. Ben Footer, USMC 178-4X 190-5X 186-4X 554-13X
2009 Sgt. Ben Footer, USMC 186-2X 195-4X 191-4X 572-10X
2010 SSgt. Jason Hedrick, USMCR 183-1X 193-8X 186-3X 562-12X
2011 Cpl. Peyton Hebert, USMC 186-5X 195-9X 184-5X 565-19X
2012 Sgt. Luis Esparza, USMC 188-4X 195-6X 191-6X 574-16X
2013 SSgt. Jonathan Shue, USMC 181-3X 196-10X 195-6X 572-19X
2014 SSgt. Jonathan Shue, USMC 182-4X 194-8X 193-5X 569-17X
2015 MSgt. Barry Worster, USMC 187-6X 197-10X 189-5X 573-21X
2016 GySgt. Jason Hedrick, USMCR 180-4X 196-11X 194-8X 570-23X
2017 - - - - -

(Source: Civilian Marksmanship Program)

*Highest Score to date

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