PI Rifle Team Whips Tech

ATLANTA — Led by William McMillan, who fired 386 out of a possible 400, Parris Island defeated Georgia Tech's indoor rifle team 1898 to 1824 here last week.

The winning score by far topped Parris Island's previous high team effort, which was 1876 against The Citadel.

All of Parris Island's top five shooters topped the college team's high man, who posted a 371.

Only the top five shooters' scores are considered in a team match.

The Marines are slated to fire in a return match with Tech on Feb. 26 at Parris Island, in what probably will be the Islanders' final meet.

McMillan, who was shooting for the first time this year with the indoor team, paced his team with the best single score shot by the Marines this year.

Close behind the U.S. International and Olympics team shooter was teammate Jerry Crowe, who fired 381.

Jesse Davenport, Arthur Snyder and Al Estes all shot 377.

Charles Sampley previously had been high gun for the Islanders this season with a 380x400 against Citadel.

The Parris Island Boot, January 28, 1955

Team Results
Rank Team Service Branch/Agency Score
1 Parris Island Rifle U.S. Marine Corps 1,898
2 Georigia Tech - 1,824

Individual Results
Parris Island Team
Rank Name Total Points
1 McMillan 386
2 Crowe 381
3 Davenport 377
4 Snyder 377
5 Estes 377
Team Total: 1,898

Individual Results
Georgia Tech Team
Rank Name Total Points
1 - -
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 - -
Team Total: 1,824

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