Held at Fort Benning, Georgia
April 29 through May 5, 1970

Benning Is Hosting International Meet

The first phase of the 10th annual Interservice International Shooting Championship will be held at Fort Benning April 29 through May 5.

Participating in the competition are United States Armed Forces personnel on active duty representing one of the major services and members of reserve components designated by each service.

Many of the top winners of the 1969 competition are back to defend their titles, including 1st Lt. Philip Baharman, Spartanburg, S.C., U.S. Army Reserve, international small bore rifle; Maj. Lones Wigger, U.S. Army Marksmanship Training Unit (USAMTU), 50 meters small bore rifle prone and 300 meters free rifle prone, and MSgt. William Krilling, USAMTU, 300 meters free rifle kneeling.

Matches during the competition are primarily four-man events. However, each service may enter up to eight competitors in each match to competitors in each match to compete for individual awards. Unused spaces will be allocated up to the capacity of the range. Range capacity for clay pigeon and skeet is 80 competitors.

Match officials report that individuals may fire in several matches providing there is no conflict in their squadding schedule. In some cases, matches are scheduled to be fired the entire day; but because they are fired in relays, individuals may be permitted to fire in other matches.

The second phase of the matches will be held Aug. 5-11.

The Bayonet, Friday, May 1, 1970

Capt. Murdock Wins Rifle Title

Top marksmen from throughout the country representing all the serves gathered at the Phillips Indoor Pistol Range here April 29 - May 5 to compete in the Tenth Annual Interservice International Shooting Match.

Competing in individual competition and with the Fort Benning Marksmanship team was Army Captain Margaret Murdock, U.S. Army Infantry Center Marksmanship Training Unit. Captain Murdock was the winner of the Bigbore Rifle three position competition by scoring 1,145 out of possible 1200 points. The former Pan American Games competitor and alternate for the 1968 U.S. Olympic Shooting Team was the only female firing the rifle competition.

The Marine Corps shooters were top trophy winners.

Marine Corps Lt. Col. William W. McMillan, Commanding Officer, Weapons Training Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Development and Education Center (MCEandEC), Quantico, Va., won the Center fire Pistol competition. The Marine officer competed in the 1960 Olympics in Rome and brought back a Gold Medal in the Rapid Fire Pistol Match there.

Chief Warrant Officer David I. Boyd, II, also from the Marine Corps took the first place award in the small bore rifle, three position match with a score of 1158.

The Bayonet, Friday, May 15, 1970

Document Document

Awards Ceremony


Lt.Col. William W. McMillan


WO Francis A. Higginson


GySgt. Merton L. Ewing

Medal Medal
Center-Fire Pistol Four-Man Team
Rank Team Total
1 U.S. Marine Corps
W. W. McMillan, F. A. Higginson, M. L. Ewing & J. R. Dorsey
2 - -
3 - -

(Source: The Bayonet)

Standard Pistol Four-Man Team
Rank Team Total
1 U.S. Marine Corps
W. W. McMillan, F. A. Higginson, M. L. Ewing & J. R. Dorsey
2 - -
3 - -

(Source: NRA Certificate)

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