All-Service Marksmanship Competitions
To Be Conducted Annually

Interservice small-arms competitions between all U. S. Armed Services, including the Coast Guard, Reserve forces, National Guard and ROTC units, are to be conducted on an annual basis, if practicable, beginning with Calendar Year 1961.

In support of the new service-wide competitions, the memorandum noted that "small-arms are the basic, personal weapons of every military man and skill in their use increases his confidence, professional capability and versatility."

The military chiefs further agreed that a "growing awareness of these facts has resulted in several interservice small-arms competitions which have aroused enthusiasm and a healthy interservice rivalry.

"The importance of fostering continued interest in marksmanship training, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all segments of our Armed Forces, is evident and warrants the continuance of interservice small-arms competitions."

The agreement calls for the Air Force to conduct the interservice pistol match; the Navy and Marine Corps to sponsor the rifle competition; and the Army to be responsible for international-type matches.

Leatherneck magazine, February, 1961

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