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LtCol W. W. McMillan's vast experience in the ordnance and marksmanship fields has proven to be invaluable in the development of improved ordnance equipment and in training Marine marksmen. In earlier tours of duty as Team Captain, Marine Corps Shooting Teams and Officer in Charge of the Marksmanship Training Unit, he provided the expertise and administrative support to Headquarters Marine Corps on such subjects as writing and updating marksmanship directives and publications; conducting tests to evaluate marksmanship techniques, courses of fire, ammunition, weaponry, and sighting devices. He was instrumental in the development of new and improved accuracy procedures for the service rifle and pistol. As Officer in Charge, Marksmanship Training Unit, he was assigned the responsibility as the Rifle Team Equipment Manager for the entire Marine Corps, a function previously performed by the Marine Corps supply centers. That program has achieved optimum proficiency, building organizational customers back up to a pre-Viet Nam number of approximately 250. His energy and diligence led to a recently initiated smooth running operation utilizing available computer technology. In addition, throughout his career, he has been in constant demand as an advisor and instructor in all phases of marksmanship training. He has conducted numerous clinics and classes and he has been the subject of Marine Corps produced training films and publications, all contributing significantly to the comparative superior proficiency of Marine marksmen during a period cover two wars. His film, "Path to an Olympic Gold Medal," is a classic, representative of his skill and knowledge and clearly demonstrates his dedication to Marine marksmanship proficiency.

As a competitive marksman, representing the Marine Corps and in many cases the United States, he has compiled an unprecedented list of personal achievements which include:

1952 — Member of U.S. Olympic Team, Helsinki, Finland; Member of Winning Rapid and Center
Fire Pistol Teams, World Championships, Oslo, Norway

1954 — Winner Host Match Pistol Championship, World Championships, Caracas, Venezuela

1955 — Member of U.S. Pan American Team, Mexico City, Mexico

1956 — Winner National Trophy Individual Pistol Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio

1957 — Winner National Pistol Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio

1958 — Winner Center Fire Pistol, World Championships, Moscow, Russia

1959 — Winner Marine Corps Pistol, Rifle and Aggregate Championships, Marine Corps Matches
Camp Matthews, California

1960 — Gold Medal Winner, Rapid Fire Pistol Olympics, Rome, Italy

1962 — Member U.S. Team, World Championships, Cairo, Egypt

1963 — Winner National Trophy Individual Pistol Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio; Winner Center
Fire Pistol, Pan American Games, Sao Paulo, Brazil

1964 — Member of U.S. Team, Olympics, Tokyo, Japan

1967 — Member of Winning U.S. Rapid Fire Pistol Team, Pan American Games, Winnipeg

1968 — Member of U.S. Olympic Team, Mexico City, Mexico

1970 — Member Winning Pistol National Trophy Team Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio

1971 — Member Winning Enlisted Mens Trophy Team Match, Camp Perry, Ohio

Countless other achievements, including five-time winner of the coveted Lauchheimer Trophy (aggregate rifle and pistol, Marine Corps Matches); national and international records, some still standing; two-time winner of the Marine Corps Pistol Match Trophy and Marine Corps McDougal Trophy (Rifle) and winner of hundreds of National Rifle Association sanctioned matches clearly establish LtCol McMillan as the most proficient marksman in Marine Corps History. He has continually and unselfishly shared his knowledge and experience in the sole interest of promoting and enhancing the combat marksmanship ability of every Marine.

Many of LtCol McMillan's far-sighted and imaginative improvements to marksmanship training are just being felt within the Marine Corps. The full impact of his contributions to enhancing combat marksmanship proficiency is difficult to measure tangibly, but will be present for so long as Marines carry individual small arms into combat. Although man of his individual competitive achievements have been given recognition by the Commandant of the Marine Corps through letters of appreciation or commendation, the cumulative effect has been unparalleled in Marine Corps history and will serve as an inspiration and goal most worthy of emulation by countless Marines to follow. His exceptional performance of duty across a wide range of tasks, distinctive and sustained through a number of years, is clearly recognized by superiors and contemporaries alike, not only within the Marine Corps but on the national and international scenes as well.

James A. Getchell, Team Captain, U.S. Marine Corps Shooting Team (21 May 1974)
BGen Maurice C. Ashley, Director, Training & Education Division, HQMC (4 Jun 1974)

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