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The 7th Pan American Games were held in Mexico City, Mexico from October 12 to 26, 1975. Bill was asked by the National Rifle Association to be the Pistol Coach for the U.S. Shooting Team.

U.S. Shooting Team

Rifle Members

Victor Auer, Lanny Bassham, David Cramer, Carl Guenther, Margaret Murdock, Gloria Parmentier, David Ross, Lones Wigger, John Writer and Ernest Vandezande

Pistol Members

Hershel Anderson, Marvin D. Black, Bruce Chreene, Richard Crawford, Jimmie Dorsey, Melvin Makin, Jimmy McCauley, Pasquale Melaragno, John Smith, Charles Wheeler and Joseph Witherell

Shotgun Members

Donald Burgy, Daniel Carlisle, Allen Cochran, Charvin Dixon, Donald Haldeman, John Satterwhite, Robert Schehle and Walter Zobell

Team Management & Support

Joseph Berry (Head Manager), Bruce Meredith (Assistant Manager), William W. McMillan (Pistol Coach) and William Wiseman (Armorer)

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