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MajGen. Kenneth J. Houghton, CG, 1st MarDiv., and LtCol. W. McMillan, match XO, watch the shooters' targets during the rifle team competition.

1st and 4th MarDiv. shooters aim the best in the West

Story by Sgt. Don Dreitzler

First and Fourth Marine Division shooters fired their way to victory during the 1974 Western Division Rifle and Pistol Matches held here last week.

The 1st Marine Division pistol shooters garnered 1,098-24 Vs to cop the Holcomb Trophy while rifle shooters from the 4th Marine Division won the San Diego (Bear) Trophy with a score of 1,163-76 Vs.

Individual shooting honors for both pistol and rifle went to two 1st MarDiv. "dingers."

SSgt. B. Goldsmith Jr., fired a 586-40 Vs in the rifle competition and Sgt. Gary Lane, fired 556-18 Vs in the pistol competition, earning both men gold medals.

After firing the score that earned him a gold medal, Sgt. Lane was promoted to his present rand on the firing line by MajGen. Kenneth Houghton, CG, 1st MarDiv.

The Wharton Trophy was the only trophy that wasn't taken by a team based at Camp Pendleton. It was won by the Marine Corps Supply Center, Barstow Rifle team with a score of 1148-75 Vs.

During the match it appeared as if the 1st Division shooters would sweep the field of trophies and a good number of gold medals.

However, the 4th Division dingers cheaped by the Leathernecks of the Pendleton based 1st Division and won the San Diego (Bear) Trophy by only 10 points.

The weather was far from being perfect for the match. "The wind has caused most of the shooters to drop about four points from their usual scores," said Lt. Col. W. McMillan, XO for the match.

"We came out here to win," said Sgt. Lane, "we didn't run the field, but we made one heck of a showing for the division and ourselves."

At the awards ceremony that proceeded the match, MajGen. I. M. Bethel, USMCR, as in past years, presented the San Diego (Bear) Trophy. This time it went to the 4th Marine Division's rifle team.

After speaking to the shooters, MajGen. Robert Nichols, CG, MCB CamPen., presented the pistol shooting medals.

Making the Holcomb Trophy presentation for the Mayor of San Clemente, Calif., was Councilman Paul Presley. The trophy was accepted by the Captain of the 1st Division's pistol team.

The Barstow rifle team was presented their Wharton Trophy by MajGen. Kenneth Houghton.

After the awards presentation, the shooters who would go on to the All Marine Matches to be held later this month in Camp Lejeune, N.C. were asked to stand and receive wishes of good luck from shooters and spectators alike.

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