Marines to Make Tape Interviews Of Heroes for Historical Record

WASHINGTON — Future history students may get a chance not just to read about, but actually hear, Marine heros talk about their exploits.

Under a new Corps-wide oral history program, taped interviews with Marines taking part in Corps operations will be made by trained interviewers and sent to headquarters here to become part of the historical record.

Interview centers are being set up at 13 major commands where those who take part in historical events can tell in their own words the who, what, why, where and how of their roles.

These "voices of history" are expected to provide the Corps with much first-hand historical information never previously available. As the interviews will be conducted as soon as possible after a potentially historical event has occurred, they may provide historians with much information that would have been lost with the passage of time.

Maybe we'll all be able to hear a future MGySgt. Dan Daily say, "Come on, you . . ., do you want to live forever?" — or at least a re-run on magnetic tape.

Navy Times, Friday, September 28, 1966

Interview with Major William W. McMillan

Interviewed by Sgt. A. E. Frost at Weapons Training Battalion, Edson Range
Camp Pendleton on February 13, 1968


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