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COLLECTOR - Capt. William McMillan, internationally known pistol shot, stands amid his collection of trophies earned over his Marine Corps career. Winner of an international pistol championship at Moscow in 1958 and top scorer with both rifle and pistol during the 1959 Marine Corps Matches, Capt. McMillan has been reassigned from MCRD to Quantico, Va.

MTU Pistol Ace Leaves Mon., Goes To Quantico

"Mr. World Pistol" is leaving San Diego Monday.

Captain William W. McMillan, currently a rifle and pistol marksmanship instructor at MTU, Camp Matthews, has received orders assigning him to Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Va.

At Quantico, the ace pistoleer will attend a 20-week ordnance course, remaining at the Virginia post for permanent duty.

Capt. McMillan is hailed the world-over for his pistol and rifle prowess, having won the International Center-fire Pistol Championship in Moscow in 1958.

Last June, the crack marksman became the only man ever to win the McDougal Memorial Rifle Trophy, the Marine Corps Pistol Trophy and the Lauchheimer Rifle - Pistol Aggregate Trophy in one year.

The Lauchheimer Trophy is considered, by many, to be the highest prize in Marine Corps rifle and pistol shooting. He won the McDougal Trophy with a 589x600, the Marine Corps Pistol Trophy with 580x600 and the Lauchheimer Trophy with1169x1200. His aggregate score smashed the old record by 39 points and was only 31 points shore of a perfect score.

During this year's California State Rifle and Pistol Matches, the captain's proudest moment of the matches came when he led the Marine Corps team to the Hotchkiss Trophy, awarded to the high four-man team in three-gun pistol competition over the National Match Course. Although the trophy was inaugurated in the memory of a former Marine warrant officer, this was the first time the Corps has claimed the cup since it was originated.

MCRD Chevron, Friday, November 13, 1959

CMC Cites Shooting Wizard's Wins

On the eve of his departure from the Depot, Captain W. W. McMillan, Jr. received a tribute to his shooting achievements. He was cited in a letter of appreciation from the Commandant as the only Marine to win the Corps' three top shooting trophies within the same year.

Brigadier General B. A. Hochmuth, Depot CG, presented the letter to Capt. McMillan at ceremonies held last Friday in the general's office.

In a final bow to West Coast shooting competition, Capt. McMillan, of the Camp Matthews Marksmanship Training Unit, captured top honors at the 22nd Annual Pistol Championships of Arizona, Nov. 7-8.

The shooting wizard shot his way through nine courses to bring home his grand aggregate score of 2625 of a possible 2700 at the matches held in Tucson, Ariz.

The Marine Corps Team in general dominated the shooting spree, garnering not only the individual match firing awards, but the three team matches as well.

The MTU "Blue" tam carried away the .22 caliber and .45 caliber matches with scores of 1166 and 1152, respectively. The Centerfire match was won by the MTU "Green" team with 1141.

Earlier this year, Capt. McMillan shot his way to possession of the Lauchheimer Trophy, the David C. McDougal Memorial Trophy and the Marine Corps Pistol Trophy. In winning the latter two awards, Capt. McMillan posted two new Marine Corps records by firing 589x600 and 580x600 respectively. His grand aggregate score of 1169x1200 bested the old Lauchheimer record by 39 points.

The captain has been reassigned to Quantico, Va., where he will attend an ordnance course. He left the Depot Monday.

MCRD Chevron, Friday, November 20, 1959

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