Held at Naval Air Station Alameda, California

Pac Fleet Outguns Olympians For 20th Win in 27 Matches

ALAMEDA, Calif. — For the 20th time in the 27 matches the Pacific Fleet .45 caliber pistol team defeated the Olympic Club of San Francisco, piling up a record 2269/80X score over two National match courses here. Olympic Club finished 51 points in arrears with 2218/58x.

This year the event was rechristened the "Fleet Adm. Nimitz Pistol Match" in honor of the late Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, who originated the matches in 1933.

In smashing the record of 2254 set by the 1964 Pacific Fleet team, the Navy men took possession of the traveling perpetual trophy for another year. In addition, each member of the winning team was awarded inscribed gold belt buckles.

OLYMPIC CLUB's first team took the silver award and a silver belt buckle for each member. Third place awards of bronze belt buckles went to the Pacific Fleet third team, which finished with 2240/54x.

This years' Pacific Fleet team undoubtedly was the strongest team ever to compete in the matches. Last year's Pacific Fleet and match high gun, Sonar Technician First Vern L. Metcalf from Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare School in San Diego, was an alternate on this year's team and finished ninth in team scoring, even though he fired a 560/17x this year compared to 557/12x last year.

High gun for the Pacific Fleet team and the match this year was Chief Torpedoman's Mate Gasper Defino, 1966 Pacific Fleet pistol champion, firing a 571/15x.

Following closely were Chief Personnelman Jack Pringle; ranked 39th among the nation's top 100 pistol shooters, firing a 567/18x; Maj. William McMillan, a gold medal winner in the 1960 Olympic games rapid fire pistol competition, firing a 566/27x; and Chief Shipfitter H. B. Bowling, who fired a 565/?0x. McMillan's 27x's led all shooters.

FIRING ON Pacific Fleet's Bronze Award team were Aviation Machinist's Mate Second R. L. Bereis, Naval Air Reserve Training Unit, Alameda, 567/18x; Hospital Corpsman First T. L. Keigley, 561/12x and GySgt. C. McConnell, 550/10x, both from Weapons Training Bn., Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego and Lt. Comdr. J. A. Muka, team captain, from Fighter Squadron 12?, 562/14x.

The team total of 2240/54x was the highest compiled by a non-winning team.

Other Pacific Fleet team members were: Chief Sonar Technician H. B. Dubus, Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare School, San Diego, 538/6x; Chief Aviation Electronics Technician H. L. Herrman, Heavy Photo Squadron 63, 548/13x; CWO R. J. Ludwig, Naval Electronics Laboratory, San Diego, 543/16x; Chief Tradevman W. J. Kennedy, Naval Air Station, Miramar, 565/14x; Lt. R. A. Olsen, Staff, Commander Submarine Squadron 1, 554/17x; and Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate R. N. Quinn, Fleet Composite Squadron 3, 522/5x.

Defino is a small arms instructor on the Staff, 14th Naval District; McMillan is stationed with Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego; Pringle with Naval Communications Station, Wahiawa, Hawaii; and Bowlin with the Amphibious School, Naval Station, San Diego.

(Source: Navy Times, November 9, 1966)

National Match Aggregate Individual
Rank Name Service Branch/Agency 1st Course 2nd Course Total
1 CTM Gasper DeFino U.S. Navy
14th Naval District
- - 571-15X
2 PNC Jack Pringle U.S. Navy - - 567-18X
3 Maj William W. McMillan U.S. Marine Corps
WTBn MCRD San Diego, Ca.
- - 566-27X
4 SFC H. B. Bowlin U.S. Navy - - 565-?0X

(Source: Navy Times)

National Match Aggregate Team
Rank Service Branch/Agency Score
1 Pacific Fleet .45 Caliber Team 2269-80X
2 Olympic Club of San Francisco '1st' Team 2218-58X
3 Pacific Fleet 'Third' Team 2240-54X

(Source: Navy Times)

Pacific Fleet .45 Caliber Team
Rank Name 1st Course 2nd Course Total Points
1 - - - -
2 - - - -
3 - - - -
4 - - - -
Team Total: 2269-80X

(Source: Navy Times)

Olympic Club '1st' Team
Rank Name 1st Course 2nd Course Total Points
1 - - - -
2 - - - -
3 - - - -
4 - - - -
Team Total: 2218-58X

(Source: Navy Times)

Pacific Fleet 'Third' Team
Rank Name 1st Course 2nd Course Total Points
1 AD Robert L. Bereis
Naval Air Reserve Training, Almeda, Ca.
- - 567-18X
2 HM1 Tommy Lee Keigley
WTBn MCRD San Diego, Ca.
- - 561-12X
3 GySgt. Charles F. McConnell
WTBn MCRD San Diego, Ca.
- - 550-10X
4 LCDR Joseph A. Muka (Team Captain)
Fighter Squadron 124
- - 562-14X
Team Total: 2240-54X

(Source: Navy Times)

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