PanAm Tryouts Complete; Two MCS Shooters Win

Sgt. David I. Boyd of Marksmanship Training Unit, Weapons Training Battalion, blazed his way into a berth with the U.S. Pan-American Rifle and Pistol Team at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas this week.

The team which is slated to compete in the Pan-American Matches at Sao Paulo, Brazil in April, will be accompanied by Capt. Paul J. Shank, also of Marksmanship Training Unit. Capt. Shank placed fifth in the tryouts and will accompany the team to Brazil in the capacity of a substitute in the event of a dropout of a regular team member.

The Marine tryout team was composed of 12 of the Marine Corps top shooters. This team has an impressive array of awards to its credit, both on the team and individual levels. These include; the Olympic Gold Medal, Presidents' Match Champion, three state championships, an International rifle champion, and many other awards.

The crack 12-man team is composed of Capts. William W. McMillan, Paul J. Shank and James L. Getchell; 1stLt. Roger E. Knopper; Warrant Officers William E. Eubank and Emmett D. Duncan; SgtMaj. Robert O. Jones; Sgts. Charles McConnell, Larry L. Hausman, David I. Boyd, Ray H. Green and PFC H. C. Coleman.

The entire team, with the exception of Sgt. McConnell, is stationed at Marine Corps Schools with the Marksmanship Training Unit.

Quantico Sentry, Friday, February 1, 1963

Pan American Tryouts

The tryouts for the U.S. Pan American Games Shooting Squad wre fired at Lakeland Air Force Base, Tex., Jan. 21 - Feb. 1. Six events were conducted: 50-Meter 3-Position Rifle, 300-Meter Free Rifle, Free-Pistol, Center-Fire Pistol, Rapid-Fire Pistol, and Skeet. The top 4 shooters in each event were selected as firing members of the 1963 U.S. Pan American Team.

The individuals selected will fire in the Pan American Matches at Sao Paulo, Brazil, in April. There will also be a 50-Meter Prone Rifle Match fired by 4 shooters from the 50- and 300-Meter Rifle Teams.

The U.S. Pan American Team Captain is Col. Peter W. Agnell, USAF (Ret'd), and the Team Adjutant is Maj. Fred Rakow, USAF.

American Rifleman, Vol. 111, No. 3, March 1963

International Course
25-Meter Rapid-Fire Pistol
Rank Name Service Branch/Agency Total
1 Cecil L. Wallis U.S. Army 1759
2 Lawrence K. Mosely U.S. Army 1758
3 Richard M. Stineman U.S. Army 1758
4 Aubrey E. Smith U.S. Army 1757

(Source: American Rifleman, Vol. 111, No. 3 March 1963)

International Course
50-Meter Center-Fire Pistol
Rank Name Service Branch/Agency Total
1 William B. Blankenship, Jr. U.S. Army 1766
2 Thomas D. Smith, III U.S. Air Force 1765
3 William H. Mellon U.S. Air Force 1762
4 Wm W. McMillan, Jr. U.S. Marine Corps
Quantico, Va.

(Source: American Rifleman, Vol. 111, No. 3 March 1963)

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