McMillan Shoots In Event Here Today

William W. McMillan, a gold medal winner for America in the Olympic Games, will compete in the first indoor pistol shoot of the New Year at the National Rifle Association Range today.

McMillan won at Rome in the rapid fire pistol event, beating the Russians in a shoot-off. He will shoot in a 90-target match with 72 other experts from military, police and civilian circles in today's event.

The Washington Post, January 22, 1961

Capt. McMillan, Marshall Win In NRA Shoot

Capt. William W. McMillan was the hottest shot at the National Rifle Association employees' indoor pistol tournament yesterday at the NRA range.

McMillan, the only Gold Medal winner on the U.S. Rifle and Pistol team in the 1960 Olympics, had a score of 861x900 to take the military trophy. McMillan was first in the international rapid fire pistol event in the Olympics.

Roy D. Marshall, representing the 12th Precinct Pistol Club had the best civilian score, 842x900.

The Washington Post, January 23, 1961

Grand Aggregate
Rank Name Service Branch/Agency Slow Fire Timed Fire Rapid Fire 3-Stage Score
Wm W. McMillan, Jr. U.S. Marine Corps
Quantico, Virginia
- - - - 861
Roy D. Marshall 12th Precinct Pistol Club
Davidsonville, Maryland
- - - - 842

(Source: The Washington Post)

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